Aphria Wants to Hire Another 25 Skilled Workers

Aphria is hiring

Aphria is hiring: CEO of Aphria (TSE:APH) Vic Neufeld is looking for more staff.

Aphria’s employee base is already 250 people strong but the company needs another “20-25” skilled workers who specialize in product innovation, oil extraction, research and development, marketing and sales.

The increase in staffing measures is mainly in preparation for the legalization of recreational marijuana; the law has just been passed in Canada and the official date for legalization has now been set for October 17th, 2018.

Aphria is Hiring but Who Fits the Bill?

What’s interesting is that finding already skilled workers in the area of marijuana means – ideally – hiring candidates who have worked with cannabis in the past.

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As the cannabis recreational law has just passed, working with the substance in the past suggests that potential candidates may have been working illegally.

Neufeld put it simply: “Let’s face it, [cannabis] infused foods have been around for decades underground. So yes, there is an element of those that are from the culture [working in the plant]…it is a valuable asset when we talk about product taste [and] product experience.”

Aphria wants to hire more workers with product knowledge. How that knowledge was acquired is not a factor, in fact, the more that is known — the better.

And with the legalization of recreational marijuana consumption fast approaching, the need for these extra bodies is great.

Neufeld has reiterated that the company “absolutely” employs workers who have worked with cannabis in the past.

“It’s chemists, it’s researchers, it’s those that have experience in infused products,” he said.

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Aphria Expansions

Earlier this month, Aphria announced it was setting aside $55 million of its raised $225 million expansion fund for “cannabis extraction.” The new extraction facility will be able to process more than 200 tonnes of cannabis annually, impressing on the companies oil extraction capabilities which Neufeld anticipates will give Aphria a competitive edge in a competitive market.

Currently, Aphria stock is trading at $11.87 CAD which is a decline of -3.42%:

Aphria is hiring
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