Cannabis Branding: Why Packaging Matters in this Burgeoning Industry

Cannabis Branding

As cannabis moves mainstream, product branding has never been more important.

Especially today, because this newly industrialized drug is at a crucial stage of building legitimacy that will not only drive repeat business but will cull a once majority-believed connotation. Marijuana had a bad-reputation; a product only suited to slackers, black-market entrepreneurs, and that grunge teenage rock band from down the road.

But no longer is the drug marred with false and easy misconceptions. Now it is widely seen as a sophisticated medical treatment, a calming agent, a recreational tool, and, importantly, a job creator.

As such, branding is one of the most crucial steps in the product’s journey from seed to shelf. Whether an oil, dried flower, or an edible, branding has the power to emphasize all the positive aspects of this drug.

In other words, successful branding can convey exactly why marijuana has earned legalization even before the customer has used the product. So with that in mind, let’s look at some of the key attributes a cannabis package should have to ensure the best possible outcome for user and company.

Cannabis Branding: Sleek and Professional

We all know the power of good looks. It attracts us instantly and can distract us away from what we are meant to be looking for. That power is one of the most obvious reasons packaging is important. So should cannabis branding be any different? No.

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If you believe that customers only care for “getting high” and that packaging isn’t important, then you remain stuck in the nineties and your business will fail. The cannabis market is rammed with products all vying for attention and catching those eyes will catch you a market.

Especially considering marijuana is a newly legalized industry, there will be many new users of cannabis. Attracting these customers early can create life-long loyalties. And often, when we don’t know what to look for, we go to what looks appealing.

The right branding is eye-catching and usually attractive. Colorful but not garish, sleek but not boring. A professional looks the part; therefore, cannabis branding should look professional.

Differentiation and Niche and Personality

Of course, personality is a big factor in any branding. Personality could be called your niche. Knowing the demographic to which you want to aim your product helps to attract the right customers to your brand.

Are you a craft cannabis line with higher prices? Then your packaging may want to speak to the older business elite. Or perhaps you have the strongest product on the market with a high THC content. Then your cannabis branding should appeal to experienced users on the lookout for a stronger high. On the contrary, perhaps you want to tailor your brand to those in need of therapy. In this case, a minimalist approach could reflect a feeling of ease.

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Standing out from the crowd will make your cannabis brand more noticeable but also more self-assured.

Trust and Legitimacy

One of the most important things that cannabis branding does is give legitimacy to an industry that has had a tough time getting it.

It also instantly secures trust with the user—not only does packaging detail the origins of what’s inside, but it also shows vital regulation stamps and company experience. These quality assurance marks create instant trust between cultivator and consumer. And in this new market, quality and trust is everything and helps to drive re-occurring sales.

As Evan Horowitz, Co-Founder and CEO of WeedClub, puts it:

 “Branding will be the difference between success and failure in the emerging legal cannabis business.” 

Featured Image: DepositPhotos © VadimVasenin

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