Cannabis Sativa: Your Guide for Finding the Best Strain for You

cannabis sativa

What are the best cannabis sativa strains out there? For recreational cannabis users, the choice may seem endless. However, we have found our favorite and compiled them below in a user-friendly guide that aims to make your quest easier.

Whether you are a seasoned user or brand new to cannabis, knowing a brief overview of the top sativa brands can help you make the best bud choice for you.

So let’s dig in!

Cannabis Sativa: A Brief About

Before we get to the varieties, there are a few facts about the flower that you should know. First, a rule of thumb: there are two main cannabis species that we consume—cannabis indica and cannabis sativa.

For this article, we are, of course, focusing on the latter.

Fun facts:

  • A pure cannabis sativa strain can take up to 12 weeks to fully mature when grown indoors. But as one of the most sought-after cannabis types, it is worth the wait.
  • The effects of cannabis vary from person to person and depend on different factors. But another general rule says that sativa strains are uplifting and bring an energetic high deemed suitable for creative work.
  • This strain is usually favored by those who enjoy consuming marijuana throughout the day. In contrast, indica strains—which are considered more relaxing—are preferred later in the evening or before bed.
  • One of the most famous sativa strains is called Haze. Considered a staple, it is used to parent countless hybrids. It delivers a high-energy, creative buzz unmatched by many alternatives.

So, keeping those facts in mind, here are our top 5 cannabis sativa strains.

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Power Flower

This cannabis strain is favored by commercial growers because it produces a high yield per plant and is a fast grower compared to other sativas (often maturing within eight weeks). When grown indoors, this plant grows to approximately 1.5 meters in height and can produce up to 650 grams per square meter under a 600-watt light. Because of this, it is economical for growers concerned about cost margins. When grown outdoors, Power Flower thrives in hot climates such as Italy or California and grows to about 1 meter in height. With a high THC content, Power Flower is a powerful strain offering users an energetic and creative high. Because of this, some may find its potent effects too strong.

Haze Berry
cannabis sativa
Source: DepositPhotos © vasilevkirill

The high from Haze Berry is often described as euphoric. This cannabis sativa is a hybrid of Super Silver Haze and DJ Short’s Blueberry, which is actually a cannabis indica strain. The result is an 80% sativa strain that brings a creative and euphoric high, which evolves into a sense of relaxation brought on by its 20% indica genes.

Haze Berry is a potent cannabis sativa producing over 20% THC along with high amounts of CBD. As such, it is a favorite for sativa lovers. The plant produces higher than average yields in a relatively short flowering time of only 9–10 weeks.

Royal Madre

Another hybrid, Royal Madre is a blend of 75% sativa and 25% indica. A cross between two well-known strains called Jack the Ripper and Queen Madre, it produces a perfect THC/CBD balance, making it preferable for medical users. This cannabis sativa has a high THC content of approximately 18%; as such, it is a recreational favorite. However, THC has therapeutic potential for certain conditions, and Royal Madre has shown its ability to ease pain. For those suffering from Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinsons’ disease, this strain has become a preferred choice. Easily grown indoors and outdoors, Royal Madre produces a yield somewhere between 450–500g per plant.


HulkBerry is one of the strongest cannabis sativas on offer. Because of its 27% THC content, this blend is better suited to experienced users or those with a high tolerance. The effects of HulkBerry are long-lasting and deliver a strong cerebral high. If you are an experienced cannabis user, then the high is considered energetic; however, those who are less experienced may find this strain too intense. Because of its strength, HulkBerry is one of the best selling sativas in both the Netherlands and America.

A hybrid of 65% sativa strain Strawberry Diesel and 35% OG Kush (which divides opinion on whether it is a true indica or sativa), this cannabis strain is not for the faint-hearted. A plant can reach full maturity within 9–10 weeks.

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Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is a cannabis sativa named as such because of a potent diesel-like smell. The high from this plant is fast-acting and delivers an energizing, “dreamy” high that has gained popularity within the cannabis community.

cannabis sativa
Source: DepositPhotos © SimpleFoto

Though sativas are usually associated with recreational use, this particular strain is showing its ability to relieve stress, pain, and depression. As such it is suitable for medical users. This cannabis strain is believed to have been created from Chemdog 91 and Super Skunk.


Chemdawg (or Chemdog) is another very potent type of marijuana plant that is sativa leaning. Depending on where it’s grown, this plant can have THC levels between 15–20%. As such, it gives users a powerful cerebral high along with a heavy-bodied feeling and is not recommended for inexperienced users.

Its origins remain unknown, and its genetics are ambiguous, meaning no one knows if it was bred from a pure sativa line or otherwise. It has, however, parented many successful crosses including Sour Diesel and OG Kush and as such is a favorite for cannabis growers. The smell of this cannabis sativa is pungent and can be smelt from far away.

Royal Moby

Cannabis sativa Royal Moby comes from Spanish genetics. This plant is a cross between a Haze and a White Widow—two strong varieties in their own right. Its THC content is approximately 21%, and as such it gives a strong and psychoactive high.

Royal Moby can grow to 2 meters indoors and even 3 meters when grown outdoors. Maturation time is usually 9–10 weeks and the plant produces a high yield—reaching 1000g when grown in optimal outdoor conditions. If space is limited, this cannabis sativa may not be the ideal choice because Royal Moby can easily grow into a large and wide plant that takes a lot of nutrients.

Cannabis Sativa: The Takeaway

So there you have some of our favorite cannabis sativa strains! Of course, these are rough guidelines, and as stated, the effect of every plant can vary from user to user and depends on multiple factors. Therefore, we recommend doing more research and talking to an experienced budtender before trying something that may be too potent for your liking.

There are hundreds of strains to choose from out there, and one or two that should suit your needs and lifestyle, so, happy sativa-ing!

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