Cannabis Retailers Using Dispense Now Able to Offer Cashless Payments at Checkout

Cannabis Retailers Using Dispense Now Able to Offer Cashless Payments at Checkout

Aeropay and Dispense have partnered together. Aeropay's digital and compliant payment solutions will be integrated with Dispense's dispensary e-commerce software as part of the agreement. Retailers who use Dispense may now accept cashless payments at the checkout, potentially increasing revenues by 25% each transaction.

Dispense is a customizable software designed by dispensaries for dispensaries that allow dispensaries to sell online and expand their company. The simple program generates a personalized e-commerce menu for dispensaries, leveraging SEO to enhance site traffic automatically. Dispense now services dispensaries in California, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Maine, New Jersey, Florida, and Massachusetts, with plans to expand to Oklahoma and Colorado in the near future.

"We're excited to announce this relationship with Aeropay, which will bring compliant and fully integrated payments to Dispense's platform," Dispense CEO Kyla Sirni said. "So far, dispensaries who have implemented the Dispense management platform have experienced a rise in average shopping cart size of at least 25%."

Customers may pay with ACH online and in-stores thanks to Aeropay's direct connection with e-commerce platforms, state-compliant, and secure payments, and contemporary API architecture, which gives operators total control over the user experience and branding. Aeropay's bank-to-bank payment processing is fee-free for consumers, simplifying the payment experience for businesses and customers.

"Dispense is a unique cannabis e-commerce platform that works with shops all across the country, and this latest connection provides companies with simple dispensary management software and SEO tools that will significantly enhance ROI," said Daniel Muller, CEO and creator of Aeropay. "It's an honor to announce this collaboration, which will provide greater cashless payment choices for consumers and companies. Aeropay is a well-established integration partner that offers digital solutions for the industry's leading e-commerce platforms."

Featured Image: Megapixl @Zuzuan