HempAmericana Provides Update on CBD Oil Extraction Facility, Stock Jumps 230%


Yesterday, HempAmericana (OTCMKTS:HMPQ) made a pretty significant announcement. If the New York-based company had, initially, felt nervous about seeing how the market was going to react to the news, I think it’s safe to say it is probably feeling much more confident in its decision today.

What Happened?

HempAmericana stock is currently witnessing a boost of 230%, one day after the announcement was made. The development stage company told investors back in late December that they should expect HempAmericana to make a number of announcements throughout January, and that’s exactly what they did. So, are we surprised that the company is witnessing massive gains after announcing a pretty major milestone? Not overly.

While I highly doubt HempAmericana was nervous to make yesterday’s announcement, considering all they have mentioned earlier this month was a lead up to what was disclosed on Thursday, I’m sure a more than 200% jump so early in the trading day acted as icing on top the cake.

So, what did HempAmericana actually say? Let’s get into it.

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The Announcement

On Thursday, HempAmericana disclosed to the public an update on all that has been going on at its high-capacity CBD oil extraction facility. HempAmericana focuses primarily on researching and developing products that are hemp-based, and this facility is thought to become one of the most advanced CBD oil extraction facilities today.

According to the company, which acts under the leadership of CEO Salvador Rosillo, equipment is forecasted to arrive at the extraction facilities site at some point during the next two weeks.

Investors seem to be pleased with this news. Currently, HempAmericana is trading up 227.34%. To think that the markets don’t close for another 2 hours, and the stock can be seen inching higher every few seconds, I wouldn’t be surprised if the stock starts trading up more than 240%.

We’ve known for quite some time that HempAmericana was making some serious advancements in CBD oil production, announcing on December 14 that it was expecting high-capacity production output to occur during the first quarter of 2018, to announcing on January 4 that HempAmericana is on track to meet its CBD oil output operational benchmarks.

Now, we know that the equipment needed for CBD oil extraction is going to arrive at the facility within the next two weeks, which gives investors a pretty good sense of what’s going on, and how long it’s going to be until the company makes another major milestone announcement.

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