Nutritional High International Up 80% after Announcing California Dispensary MedMen Will Feature its FLI Brand

Nutritional High International

While there are a number of stocks on the rise today, it seems that the cannabis sector is the one that is making the majority of the headlines. Cannabis Wheaton (CVE:CBW) is up more than 20%, while Medical Marijuana Inc. (OTCMKTS:MJNA) is up almost 10%, however, the company that is grabbing the attention of investors is Nutritional High International Inc. (CNSX:EAT), which, as of this writing, is up 80%.

However, I’m not entirely surprised to see a surge such as this one, considering Nutritional High International Inc. has made a variety of announcements over the past couple months, all of which have been positive for the Toronto-based company. For starters, in November the company announced that it selected a new VP of Marketing and Sales, and in December Nutritional High disclosed that WeedMaps, which is the world’s first cannabis technology and perhaps one of the most advanced cannabis directories on planet Earth, will start to feature Nutritional's FLI Brand as one of the top brands for people that are looking to purchase cannabis oil vapes.

Of course, that being said, despite making numerous announcements over the past two months, I think it’s fair to say that Wednesday’s announcement probably played more of a role in the company’s almost 100% increase.

What Happened Today?

Nutritional High International is a Canadian company that focuses on both creating and getting its hands on products from the cannabis-infused products sector in order to give its customers products that can be used for both medical and recreational purposes. On Wednesday, the company announced that MedMen, which is a dispensary chain in California, named after the award-winning television show MadMen, will be featuring Nutritional High’s “FLI” brand at its dispensaries for Patient Appreciation Days in California.

For those who don’t know, Patient Appreciation Day is when MedMen introduces clients to a number of the top cannabis brands in the world. Taking this into consideration, it is not a surprise that Nutritionals stock surged on this news as it means the company is going to start to get more recognition, attraction, and potential customers after MedMen introduces clients to the FLI brand.

The Takeaway

California is the world’s largest marijuana market, and soon Nutritional High International will roll out its FLI brand throughout the entire state. Maybe it’s because MedMen knows that once the brand rolls out across California, it will be high in demand, which is why they might have decided to showcase some of its products on this year's Patient Appreciation Day.

Regardless of whether you are interested in the FLI brand or the entire company itself, today’s stock surge might be an indication that you should think about adding Nutritional High International to your investment portfolio.

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