CBIS Stock Down 10% in Recent Weeks: Will It Turn Around?

CBIS Stock

When valued at $0.05 USD, what appears to be an incremental loss can actually mean a substantial loss in terms of percentages. CBIS stock is experiencing just this, having dropped roughly 10% since last week and now being valued at $0.045 USD.

On paper, you might ask, what’s $0.005 really worth? Well, it’s worth 10%.

Is there a reason for the decline? Let’s take a look.

Capitalize off Cannabis
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CBIS Stock

Looking at the company, Cannabis Science Inc. (OTC:CBIS) focuses on the medical cannabis sector and operates in California. Together with its subsidiaries, the company “develops, produces, and commercializes phytocannabinoid pharmaceutical products primarily in the United States.”

With a market cap of $126.87 million, Cannabis Science is a small firm, and CBIS stock is priced low. 

Drugs Under Development

The company has two major drugs under development. These include CS-TATI-1 and CS/BCC-1. The former aims to treat patients with strains of drug-resistant HIV and those resistant to available therapies. The latter aims to treat cancers such as “basal and squamous cell carcinomas” along with being “a proprietary cannabis therapy for neurological conditions.”

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While those two drugs remain the company’s leading medicines, CBIS is also actively developing cannabis-based medicines for autism, blood pressure, cancer, cancer side effects, and other illnesses, as well as for general health maintenance. Active products include topical pain-relief creams, tinctures and balms, and a cannabis inhalation aerosol, among others.

CBIS Stock Growth

As stated, the biggest issue CBIS stock faces, at present, is significant growth. Until either of its two developmental drugs return significant clinical results or an eventual FDA approval, investing on metrics will be short-sighted for investors.

Of course, the flip side is that you never know when its eureka moment will arrive. When it does come, that’s when CBIS stock may skyrocket. Until then, investors may be reaching in the dark.

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