Charlotte’s Web Stock: Why Experience Should Matter to Investors

Charlotte's Web stock

Charlotte's Web Holdings (CSE:CWEB) (OTCQX:CWBHF) is already one of the most talked about brands of CBD oil in the US. One reason Charlotte's Web stock is shining is experience—the company was already selling CBD oils in a restricted market prior to the passage of the updated Farm Bill in late 2018. Now that the Farm Bill has legalized hemp farming, the company's entire line of hemp-derived CBD-infused products is greenlit in all 50 US States.

With experience on its side, Charlotte's Web stock is showing some of the most exciting numbers in this sector. The company has a long history in the hemp industry and, as such, comes to market with a loyal following already in tow.

Charlotte's Web Stock Popularity

US national retailers are beginning to stock CBD products by the bucket-load. And one brand that everyone is after is Charlotte's Web Holdings.

Retailing chain CVS (NYSE:CVS) has already begun selling CWEB products, and it's expected that other major outlets will soon follow.

Aside from national retailers, Charlotte's Web CBD is on sale in over 4,000 stores nationwide. The company's upcoming financial reports should reflect these new revenue streams and Charlotte's Web stock could show continued growth along with it. Results should be evident as early as Q1 2019.

Experience Matters

Because of its history within the hemp industry, Charlotte's Web Holdings has an experienced management team behind it and, as Seeking Alpha puts it: "The involvement of founders ensured cost discipline and shrewd capital allocation."

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Everything is aligning nicely for Charlotte's Web stock. In a burgeoning market with increasing competition, a solid team is as important as a solid product. It's an added assurance for potential investors to know that the management is as invested in the product as the investors are:

"CWB has maintained a pristine balance sheet and a tight capital structure so far. At the end of 2018, the company had $73 million of cash outstanding with external debt. Furthermore, the founding family still holds 32% of the total shares outstanding through the proportional voting shares."

Charlotte's Web Stock in 2019

2018 Q4 results showed how much there is to come in 2019. Revenue grew 21% from last quarter and 72% from last year to $21.5 million. Effectively, this quarter showed that sales are showing positive growth and going further into 2019, the company should experience continued growth driven by a fast-growing CBD market.

At the time of writing, CWBHF stock is selling for $20.33 USD on the OTCQX.

Have you tried Charlotte's Web CBD? Are you a fan of this stock?

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