First Day of Legal Cannabis: Recapping the Celebrations

first day of legal cannabis

During the first day of legal cannabis in Canada, there have been a couple of interesting ‘happenings,’ shall we say. Some rules have been broken and some supplies have not been met in the high of legality celebrations. Sales have been massive, and the lines of people outside of dispensaries even more so.

Let’s take a look at the first day of legal cannabis in Canada—the ups and the downs.

First Day of Legal Cannabis: Drug Driving

In Winnipeg, only one hour after cannabis was legalized, the first case of drug driving was intercepted by police and the first official ticket given for smoking cannabis and driving. 

As Inspector Gord Spado of the Winnipeg police put it, "an hour into legality, and something illegal" happens.

The fine for breaking the law? $672. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

First Day of Legal Cannabis: Nova Scotia Runs Out of Weed

If day one is anything to go by, all the cannabis companies will need to deliver more green.

According to the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation (NSLC), the province took in 12,180 transactions yesterday. The total was over $660,000 in cannabis sales.

Wow. In one day.

The NSLC is the only licensed retailer allowed to sell cannabis in Nova Scotia. It currently has twelve outlets selling cannabis.

First Day of Legal Cannabis: Stop Calling the Police

Toronto Police felt the need to launch a campaign of Twitter ads asking people not to call in about people smoking weed.

>> Legalized Cannabis has Led to a Rise in Under-the-Influence Auto Accidents

Apparently, the province has been inundated with calls over people “smoking joints.”

In response, it released a set of ads like the one below to remind people that marijuana is now legal and therefore not a criminal offense.

First Day of Legal Cannabis: Edmonton is Running Out Already

Edmonton is running low on supply. Following in Winnipeg’s footsteps, Edmonton needs more marijuana to serve its demanding population.

By the second day of cannabis legalization, Numo Cannabis is already down to only one-quarter of its supply. Mr. Seeras of the company said, “As of right now, we still have 10 strains out of 30.”

What will this mean for the next few weeks? Has Canada bitten off more than it can chew legalizing cannabis?

Featured Image: Depositphotos/© york010

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