Hemp Inc is at the Fore of America’s New Hemp Industry

Hemp Inc

Hemp Inc (OTC:HEMP) is reaping the benefits of America’s updated Farm Bill. The new bill has legalized industrial hemp across the country. 

Up 2.79% and selling for $0.03 USD at the time of writing, is HEMP stock one to watch in 2019?

Hemp Inc Set to Lead

A global leader in the industrial hemp industry, Hemp Inc owns the largest multipurpose industrial hemp processing facility in America. Based in North Carolina, the company has plans to support “family farms in the wake of hemp legalization.”

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Federal legalization has opened a major opportunity for North Carolina farmers who can now make serious revenue from hemp farming. Expert opinion has predicted the global industrial hemp industry to hit $20 billion by 2022. With that in mind, Hemp Inc is helping to turn North Carolina into a mecca for the new cash crop.

Hemp Inc on the Farm Bill

In an article published in The Wilson Times, Bruce Perlowin, CEO of Hemp Inc expressed his delight with the updated Farm Bill:

“Now that [hemp legalization] is here, it is sort of an ecstatic moment for the entire industry […] Now that [Hemp Inc’s industrial hemp processing facility] is built, North Carolina becomes the inheritors of that infrastructure […] It is going to be hard for farmers anywhere else that don’t have a local processing center to process the hemp. I am glad we did it. North Carolina is a great state and can grow a lot of hemp.”

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In the same article, Perlowin discusses the growing cannabidiol (CBD) industry, which is fueling the demand for hemp in all forms: “people are even starting to smoke hemp, which is great because it allows the CBD to enter the bloodstream directly which allows users to experience the benefits right away.

At three cents a stock, Hemp Inc is showing itself to be a promising stock option for investors who want to capitalize from the countless industries that will be utilizing hemp for its various properties.

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