Marijuana Penny Stocks: Namaste Technologies and Canopy Rivers

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Marijuana penny stocks are up and down this morning on the TSXV. While some are seeing slight losses today, there are others that are kicking off 2019 strong. Today, we’ll take a look at a pair of penny stocks that are making a strong push early in the year, Namate Technologies (TSXV:N) and Canopy Rivers (TSXV:RIV).

Namaste Technologies (TSXV:N)

Namaste Technologies is a cannabis e-commerce company that runs out of Vancouver, British Columbia. In 2018, Namaste was one of the most actively traded stocks on the Canadian exchange. The marijuana penny stock ended the year in the red but has kicked off 2019 in grand fashion.

For the first two days of 2019, N stock is up nearly 40%. It remains unknown at this time why the company’s shares have skyrocketed. Namaste last provided an update on its company two weeks ago.

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The update was in regards to its wholly-owned subsidiary, CannMart Inc. CannMart said it ensures the quality of the medical cannabis products it distributes and due to the most recent recall by Health Canada, the company suspended all dried cannabis from Bonify Inc. CannMart is one of Namaste’s most active and producing subsidiaries.

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According to Yahoo Finance, the marijuana penny stock is trading at $1.16 a share, up +0.12 (+11.54%). Namaste is one of the top marijuana penny stocks to trade on the TSXV for trades and volume.

Canopy Rivers (TSXV:RIV)

Canopy Rivers is also among the top trading marijuana penny stocks today. Canopy Rivers is a cannabis investment firm that is located in Toronto, Ontario.

Canopy has also kicked off 2019 in the green. For the past two days, RIV is up nearly 5%. Like Namaste, the cannabis company has not made an announcement in over two weeks. At that time, Canopy announced its shares received DTC full-service eligibility in the US. 

According to Yahoo Finance, the marijuana penny stock is trading at $3.22 a share, up +$0.04 (+1.58%).

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