Mondelez CBD-Infused Snacks on the Way? CEO Hints Yes

Mondelez CBD-infused snacks

Get ready, cannabis fans. Mondelez (NASDAQ:MDLZ), the company behind Oreo, Chips Ahoy, and Cadbury, is gearing up towards creating a CBD-infused snack. That’s right, the multinational confectionery, food, and beverage company said Wednesday the world may soon be able to purchase Mondelez CBD-infused snacks.

Two days later, MDLZ stock is trading in the green in early trade on the Nasdaq.

Mondelez CBD-Infused Snacks

On Wednesday, May 1, Mondelez told CNBC that it’s getting ready to add cannabidiol-infused snacks to its product line. Likely knowing the excitement cannabis aficionados will have for Mondelez CBD-infused snacks, the American company isn’t rushing the rollout. “We’re getting ready,” CEO Dirk Van de Put told CNBC, “but we obviously want to stay within what is legal.” He added Mondelez wants to “play it the right way.”

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While Mondelez CBD-infused snacks will be a game changer, consumers shouldn’t expect the rollout to include CBD-infused Oreos. According to Dirk Van de Put, the company likely won’t be adding CBD to its family brands. Rather, Mondelez plans to add the ingredient to new product lines, or to other products.

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Perhaps disappointing to some, the market still seems to be optimistic about the potential launch of Mondelez CBD-infused snacks. According to Yahoo Finance, MDLZ stock is trading at $51.59 at the time of writing. This puts MDLZ stock up 0.21%. The stock has increased by nearly 30% so far in 2019.

A Sure Thing?

Of course, while Mondelez is getting ready for these products, it still depends on the Food and Drug Administration. Next month, public meetings will be held to see if the FDA should change its stance on prohibiting adding CBD to food as well as to drinks sold in stores.


What do you think about the possible rollout of Mondelez CBD-infused snacks? Would you buy them?

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