Namaste Technologies Continues to Run on “BUY” Ratings

After rocketing last week, Namaste Technologies (TSXV:N) (OTCQB:NXTTF) is preparing for lift-off again this week, as multiple technical indicators have awarded its stock a positive buy rating. 

Beginning with, NXTTF shares have received a “STRONG BUY” recommendation. Over the last five hours, that site’s technical analysis found 12 moving averages indicating a “buy” and six technical indicators pointing to a “strong buy.”

No negative averages or indicators were identified.

During roughly the same period, TradingView’s technical analysis returned a “BUY” rating for NXTTF stock. This rating was driven by an astounding 15 positive moving averages pointing to a “strong buy”, with only a single “sell” average. 

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The analysis also identified four positive oscillators, with only two identifying a sell. 

Namaste Technologies

These ratings, based on popular technical indicators over the last several hours, show that Namaste Technologies’ (TSXV:N) (OTCQB:NXTTF) big run last week was no fluke. This remains one of the best stocks to watch for investors in the cannabis space.

That’s why Rich from RichTV Live recently turned his attention to the company. In his profile, Rich said that the “future looks bright” for Namaste.

“These guys have an opportunity to be a great company,” he added. “They have some very valuable assets.”

Namaste Technologies’ Impressive Portfolio

The Ontario-based company is a leading online platform for cannabis products, accessories, and responsible education. Its global technology and continuous innovation address local needs in a burgeoning cannabis industry requiring smart solutions.

As we’ve previously covered, one of Namaste’s partners, Choklat Inc, recently received a processing license from Health Canada to produce a line of cannabis-infused chocolate bars, drink mixes and infused sugar.

Choklat is an Alberta-based craft chocolate manufacturer and chocolatier. Namaste holds a 49% equity position in the company, as it also does with Pineapple Express. PE is a premier delivery company that brings cannabis directly to the consumer’s door.

Finally, Namaste Technologies owns and operates Known as an “everything cannabis store,” CannMart provides customers with a diverse selection of hand-picked products from a multitude of federally-licensed cultivators. 


Since Monday of last week, NXTTF shares have gained 30% value. This caps a multi-week growing spree which may carry on through the rest of the month if the company can continue showing investors the long-term viability of the stock.

Analysts and experts agree that NXTTF deserves to be on your radar. As always, keep watching this space for more updates from this exciting company at the crossroads of cannabis and e-commerce. 

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