Nutritional High Nu Energy Tablets Coming Soon: Output Starts July 11

Nutritional High Nu Energy Tablets

Two months ago, Nutritional High announced its partnership with NeutriSci. Fast forward to today, July 10th, and the two companies have provided an update on the NeutriSci and Nutritional High Nu Energy Tablets.

Nutritional High Nu Energy Tablets: Coming Soon

In the July 10th press release, Nutritional High disclosed that as of tomorrow, the production process of its Nu Energy Tablets for distribution and sale in California will have commenced.

As mentioned, both Nutritional High and NeutriSci have been working on the Nu Energy Tablets, which is a "chewable, sublingual THC product."

More details were provided, including:

  • The cannabis-infused energy tablets are going to be produced in Sacramento at Nutritional High's Pasa Verde facility
  • Delivery of the first orders of Nu Energy Tablets will start in the third-quarter of this year
  • 400 dispensaries in California will carry the cannabis-infused energy tablets at the start

Nutritional High Nu Energy Tablets: Company Thoughts

Everyone at Nutritional High is excited. Commenting on the news, Jim Frazier, CEO, called working with NeutriSci a "milestone." He added that Nutritional High is looking forward to "rolling out the distribution of the product across California."

Meanwhile, on the NeutriSci spectrum of things, CEO Glen Rehman had similar feelings to Mr. Frazier. Rehman noted that he is excited to bring Nu Energy Tablets to California and that the rollout marks a significant step towards gaining a foot in the door to the California market.

The Stock Market Reacts

So we know Nutritional High and NeutriSci are excited about the Nu Energy Tablets, as well as the fact that the production process starts tomorrow, but how are investors reacting?

Well, NeutriSci shareholders are certainly excited, whereas the opposite appears to be happening for Nutritional High.

1. NeutriSci (TSXV:NU)

According to Google Finance, at 12:19 p.m. EDT, NeutriSci was trading at $0.12. This means the stock was up 15% at the time.

2. Nutritional High International (CSE:EAT)

At 12:25 p.m. EDT, Google Finance reported Nutritional High trading at $0.38, which means the stock was down 1.28% at the time.

Is there enough time for the stock to make a comeback?

The Takeaway

Despite the performance of the EAT stock today, Nutritional High's press release was a good thing. It showed that both Nutritional High and NeutriSci are following through with their plans, and are en-route to heavy involvement in the California cannabis market.

It seems likely that the NeutriSci and Nutritional High Nu Energy Tablets will do well on the market too, once dispensaries start carrying them.

So if you're an avid cannabis user, and you want to swap out your caffeine for a cannabis-infused energy tablet, this may be the product for you - so keep an eye out for them in Q3!

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