Only One Dispensary in BC Cleared to Sell Recreational Marijuana on October 17th

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Excited marijuana users won't line the streets of British Columbia, Canada, on October 17th. Well perhaps on one street they will. That's because only one marijuana dispensary has clearance to sell recreational marijuana across all of BC when legalization occurs.

Only. One. And it is in Kamloops. So what's going on? How can an entire Province (that is already rather lenient toward the drug) be so unprepared for such a momentous occasion?

One Marijuana Dispensary Selling in BC

There seems to be a delay in processing over 100 dispensary applications.

In a news release issued yesterday, Mike Farnworth—BC's minister of public safety and solicitor general—said the government’s first and only BC Cannabis Store will open in Kamloops. More retail locations are “anticipated” in the coming months, as over 100 applications go through the various stages of processing. 

The delay in processing has not been explained. But we've heard similar stories elsewhere; in Ohio State in the US, for example. Ohio has 'missed' its medical marijuana launch due to errors in administration.

Online Sales

But there is hope for those eager few who can't get to Kamloops. The government has said it will launch an online sales platform that will service the entire BC province. This online platform should be up and running soon after legalization day.

British Columbia is Strict

Farnworth explained that the province's new Community Safety Unit will target and seize illegal retail outlets. This unit is empowered to seize produce without a warrant and impose fines based on the value of the illegal product on hand.

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Selling to minors is still deemed a very serious criminal offense. If caught, a perpetrator may face up to 14 years in jail along with penalties of up to $50,000.

Applications will take some time to process so eager dispensaries will have to bide their time a little longer. But at least BC has one marijuana dispensary ready for now. It could've been none. 

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