Celebrating the Feminist Cannabis Experience in Print

The Her(B) Life Magazine Publishes Vol 02

VANCOUVERJan. 4, 2019 /CNW/ – The Her(B) Life is a Canadian cannabis culture magazine for women by women unlike anything on the market today. This issue thoughtfully mixes cannabis themed stories and essays with beautiful editorial design and a stunning photo spread created by Oregon-based creative agency The Ladies of Paradise that reimagines how cannabis consumers throughout history are portrayed. This highly stylized spread showcases the long history that human civilization and the cannabis plant have enjoyed.

After the overwhelming success of Vol 01, released in summer 2018, the Her(B) Life team has created a second volume of the glossy publication designed to appeal to anyone who appreciates fashion, cannabis and artful storytelling shared through a feminine lens. Our mission is to celebrate the feminist cannabis experience, to promote and support women in the industry and to de-stigmatize and normalize the plant.

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Early in 2018, as Canada neared the end of cannabis prohibition, publisher and Her(B) Life creator Gill Polard saw an opportunity to take the immensely popular website (theherblifestyle.com) and create a physical print edition exploring the stories behind the legalization movement. “In Vol 02, we delve into the 420 movement, landrace genetics, how meditation and cannabis complement one another and so much more. The Her(B) Life magazine features thoughtful and entertaining stories written by some of today’s best cannabis writers.” – Gill Polard

The Her(B) Life Magazine publishes twice annually and is available for purchase as a physical or digital copy through the Her(B) Life website and through select retailers for $10 CAD.

Preorders are available now with a 30% discount and copies are shipping in early February 2019.

The Her(B) Life celebrates the feminist cannabis experience through stories, essays and interviews with industry leaders.

If you would like more information about this topic, please call Gill Polard at 250-732-1408, or email [email protected]

SOURCE The Her(B) Life