TRTC Stock Moves Higher: CBD Only Retail Store Opening in Vegas

TRTC stock

Kicking off the month, Terra Tech Corporation (OTCQX:TRTC) said Tuesday that it plans to open a CBD only retail store in downtown Las Vegas soon. The news comes a week after the company said it secured provisional licenses for all of its California operations. On the news, TRTC stock slid into the green zone. But for how long?

TRTC Stock: Kicking off the Month of July

On Tuesday, July 2, Terra Tech said it’s started the process of opening a new CBD only retail store in downtown Las Vegas. The vertically integrated cannabis company will be converting its retail location on 121 North 4th Street into the CBD store, called Blum CBD.

“Converting our North 4th Street location into an exclusive one stop shop for CBD products will allow Terra Tech to excel in its retail initiatives and stay ahead of the booming CBD industry that’s unfolding in the U.S,” explained CEO Derek Peterson. “With its location in the heart of Las Vegas, the new CBD focused store will reflect high consumer demands and set standards for our CBD sales.”

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At the time of writing, TRTC stock is trading at $0.59, putting it up 0.468%. Earlier in the trading day, TRTC stock was down near 1.5%. Maybe, now that more investors are waking up and tuning into the news, TRTC stock may spend the day in the green zone.

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Further Details About Blum CBD

Right now, the plan for Blum CBD is for it to operate as a luxury retail concept; it will create an experience similar to that of the Blum cannabis retail experience. The floor will be divided into sections, from Pantry to Beauty, which is forecasted to have CBD-infused facial creams and lotions.


What do you think about TRTC opening up a CBD only retail store? Is this a gamechanger for the California cannabis company? Do you think the news will allow TRTC stock to stay in the green for the remainder of the day?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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