POT Stock: Weekend Unlimited Trades Under ‘POT’ Ticker Today

POT stock

The Weekend Unlimited Inc. (CSE:POT) (OTC:WKULF) just got a new look and is getting a ton of attention! Today, the cannabis stock began trading under the highly-sought after 'POT' stock ticker.

Late last week, the Weekend was granted the new stock ticker, and its shares soared over 100% in a day. Its stock has taken a nosedive today, despite the ramp up on Friday. Let's take a deeper look at the company and its share movements.

POT Stock: Weekend Unlimited Expands

The Weekend Unlimited is a cannabis company that distributes branded cannabis consumer products in the US and Canada. It is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia. The Weekend Unlimited was incorporated back in 2017, and POT stock started publically training on CSE in mid-October 2018.

Two months ago, the cannabis company announced it had entered into an arms-length agreement with a cannabis store in Nisku, Alberta, called Northern Lights Supply. The Weekend Unlimited had the option to acquire 49% of the retail cannabis store. The retail space is 6,500 square feet. 

"We look forward to working with the team at Weekend Unlimited in growing our brand in Alberta. Their experience will be invaluable in recognizing the numerous opportunities in this new and emerging industry," said Northern Lights Supply President Derek Shields.

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Weekend Unlimited shares have been on a continuous decline ever since it debuted on the CSE, even after the cannabis store news. The POT stock ticker news drove up the shares exponentially, almost to its initial listing price.

POT Stock Movement

According to Yahoo Finance, POT is currently trading on the CSE at $0.255 a share, down -$0.015 (-5.56%). On the OTC Pink, WFULF is trading at $0.186 a share, down -$0.029 (-13.71%). Was the updated ticker just a big hype? Did the CSE give the highly-sought after ticker to the wrong cannabis company? 

We shall see.

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