California Weed: 500 LA Unlicensed Marijuana Businesses Charged

California Weed

In the city of Los Angeles, authorities are continuing to crack down on unlicensed California weed distributors. The effort to 'weed' out illegal business activities has ramped up since the state implemented its stricter marijuana laws back on July 1st of this year. 

Over 500 Unlicensed Marijuana Businesses Charged 

Last week, LA law enforcement announced, via the LA Times, the full extent of its crackdown efforts to decrease the number of unlicensed marijuana businesses in the city.

Since the month of May, the Los Angeles police department has busted 150 businesses for operating without the proper national and state cannabis licenses. As a result, 515 individuals are being charged with participating in illegal marijuana activities in California.

Mike Feuer, an LA City Attorney, told the LA Times:

“If they’re going to go through this process, it just cannot be the case that others that flout the rules are allowed to function. It’s bad for those who buy from them, it’s bad for the communities in which they’re located and, again, it threatens to undermine the viability of a system that’s predicated on lawful licensing.”

As of last week, there are currently 165 approved marijuana storefronts and delivery services available to the public. 

“It’s important that every element of the new recreational marijuana regime in our state be implemented in a way the voters anticipated in the first place,” Feuer said.

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California Weed Crackdown

Of the 515 defendants Feuer's office has charged so far, 21 of them have pleaded guilty. There were 11 cases dismissed, and 10 defendants are wanted on bench warrants. Only one of these cases has been placed on a diversionary program. 

Feuer told the LA Times that there are still 472 cases still pending. The City of Los Angeles will continue to crack down on eliminating these unlicensed and illegal California marijuana businesses to protect its residents. This crackdown is aimed at protecting the properly licensed businesses as well.

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