Jimmy Buffet Moves into Cannabis; Musician Launches Coral Reefer Brand

Coral Reefer brand

Jimmy Buffet, a beach-loving musician, is moving into cannabis by creating his own brand. While a surprise to some, it’s a dream come true for cannabis investors. With Buffet’s reputation, the Coral Reefer brand has the potential to become a hit (pun intended).

Jimmy Buffet and the Coral Reefer Brand

Jimmy Buffet, 71, has struck a licensing deal with Surterra Wellness, a Florida-based company, to create his own medical cannabis brand, named Coral Reefer.

According to Buffet’s business partner John Cohlan, the brand is not about making money, but about “quality and improving people’s lives.” Partnering with Surterra to do this makes sense, as Surterra Wellness shares the same vision as Coral of creating a cannabis wellness brand.

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The Products

Both Coral Reefer and Surterra will be creating and marketing cannabis products ranging from vaporizer pens, topical creams, tinctures, and oral sprays.

The Attitude

Jimmy Buffet appears to be all in. It’s not the first time Buffet has focused on business, swapping out his lyric books for investment books, but it is one of the first ventures that he seems genuinely optimistic about.

In a statement, Buffet expressed excitement and pride over the Coral Reefer brand. He said that after studying and following the use of medical cannabis, he has concluded that “cannabis is good medicine,” adding that it “should be made available to all who need it.” This seems to be a growing consensus around the world, especially in places like Canada and the United Kingdom.

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Where Can You Purchase the Products?

Note that there will not be Coral Reefer cannabis stores on the streets of California or New York. All of the products will be distributed through the Surterra medical cannabis stores.

The Takeaway

What do you think about Jimmy Buffet striking a deal with Surterra Wellness to create the Coral Reefer brand?

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