Cannabis Use Allowed at Campsites in Country, Says Parks Canada

Canadian cannabis legalization

In two days, Canadian cannabis legalization will happen; the decision to legalize the drug has brought up many questions and concerns. For instance, can you use cannabis recreationally while camping in the country after October 17th? Well, Parks Canada just answered that question—and the answer is now trending cannabis news.

More Cannabis News Ahead of Legalization

On Monday, October 15th, Parks Canada said that individuals are allowed to use cannabis when camping at registered sites across the country. 

Like most things involved with the October 17th cannabis legalization, it’s important to know all the facts first. For instance, know that campers won’t be allowed to smoke cannabis in common areas on campsites, such as playgrounds. It’s going to depend on the province, but for the most part, campers and hikers will only be allowed to smoke cannabis on hiking trails and in the backcountry of national parks. 

There have already been a few towns and villages that announced their cannabis rules for after Canadian cannabis legalization takes place. While Lake Louise in Alberta will allow public cannabis use, Banff and Jasper, which are also in Alberta, will not allow the use of cannabis in public areas.

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A Divided Country

It’s not surprising that each province will have their own say on campers using cannabis in registered campsites. After all, the divide between Canadian provinces is one of the main reasons legalization was pushed from the summer to the fall. 

The Takeaway

What do you think about Parks Canada allowing cannabis use in national parks? While it makes sense (I mean, it’s being legalized), there are a few issues that could be mentioned. For instance, will there be more pollution? Is there going to be a danger to the surrounding wildlife?

Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check back in for more cannabis news. 

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