Wisconsin Pardons, Delta-8 Hemp, Legalization Initiatives in Kentucky and Florida, and Other Cannabis News

Wisconsin Pardons, Delta-8 Hemp, Legalization Initiatives in Kentucky and Florida, and Other Cannabis News

More Pardons for Cannabis Offenses in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers issued 11 pardons for people previously convicted of marijuana-related felonies, increasing his total to 603.

"Having the opportunity to provide a fresh start to those who've made attempts to learn and grow from their past mistakes is one of the most fulfilling parts of my work as governor," Evers said. 

"I know forgiveness is a virtue we all share as Wisconsinites, and I'm grateful to the Pardon Advisory Board for continuing to prioritize this work, giving people second chances so they may keep giving back."

Evers has been a prominent proponent of cannabis legalization, urging politicians to remove marijuana prohibition.

A Win/Win In Kentucky As Delta-8 THC Hemp Products Becomes Legal

"A Kentucky judge has determined that goods containing delta-8 THC generated from hemp are permissible," according to a statement from the Kentucky Hemp Association.

The hemp trade association, which sued the state over the matter a year ago, hailed the verdict as "a significant triumph for farmers and retailers."

Because of the delta-8 THC market, Kentucky authorities have begun checking licensed Kentucky hemp shops since the state Department of Agriculture issued a letter referring to delta-8 THC hemp products as a "Schedule 1 controlled substance," which is unlawful under US law. The Kentucky Hemp Association (KHA) filed a lawsuit against the department, the state agriculture commissioner, and the state police commissioner to stop the raids. 

"These delta-8 raids on merchants were... a challenge we were ready and eager to meet in order to defend sellers of Kentucky Proud Hemp products," KHA Vice President Tate Hall said in a statement. The KHA claimed that "the central judgement affirmed the legality of hemp and delta-8 THC products."

Smart & Safe Florida Marijuana Legalization Initiative

The California Division of Elections recently introduced a new Marijuana Legalization Initiative, which will appear on the ballot in 2024. Medical marijuana operators from multiple states likely support the initiative. Trulieve Cannabis Corp., a major medical cannabis operator in the state, is among those who have indicated their support, contributing $5 million in seed funding to the campaign. Furthermore, in 2016, Florida voters approved a constitutional amendment to broaden the legalization of medical marijuana, with roughly 800,000 individuals permitted for treatment. 

According to Trulieve CEO Kim Rivers, every endeavor has delivered some learning. With this project, the writers have carefully examined and considered the Supreme Court judgments surrounding earlier efforts. We feel it is a very acceptable and narrowly targeted amendment that defers the legislature correctly.

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