Irwin Naturals Makes New Acquisition and the Establishment of a National Ketamine-Clinics Network

Irwin Naturals Makes New Acquisition and the Establishment of a National Ketamine-Clinics Network

Irwin Naturals Inc. (OTC:IWINF), a well-known herbal supplement manufacturer, has acquired two more ketamine clinics by purchasing the assets of Invictus Clinics LLC. In New England, Irwin recently purchased a ketamine clinic. This time, the facilities are in Atlanta and Woodstock, Georgia, run by the "Invictus Clinic." Both provide ketamine-assisted treatment, IV hydration, and NAD+. 

The new clinics will be part of Irwin Naturals Emergence, the company's national chain of mental health facilities. "We wanted to be a first mover in this new and revolutionary field of healthcare," said CEO Klee Irwin, "and adding these two clinics is more indication that we are a first mover in this space." "This is a major opportunity for us to grow upon our aims of developing a business capable of giving these life-changing therapies to individuals in need and making people aware of the effectiveness of our programs," said Invictus co-founder Wesley Karcher. We are synchronizing our goals with this collaboration and intend to expand our reach throughout the Southeast and beyond quickly."

Brandon Grinage, co-founder and medical director of Invictus, stated, "Furthermore, this deal demonstrates our intentions to promote mental health awareness and deliver therapy to millions of Americans in desperate need." I am honored to be a part of an organization quickly rising to prominence in the ketamine and psychedelic realm."

The deal terms are as follows: Irwin Naturals will pay the sellers cash and at least 333,333 subordinate voting shares, with an additional contingent consideration based on future operational and profitability milestones to be served in shares.

The Ambitious "Irwin Naturals Emergence" 

clinics in the United States are looking for successful clinics with standard quality customer care. The nationwide network is projected to deliver the efficiency and cost benefits associated with economies of scale and assist in driving down operating expenses, which would translate to customer discounts and perhaps pro bono care for those in need.

Irwin Naturals' prior experience as a nutraceutical brand has worked hard to earn its customer trust and widespread acceptance, which Irwin believes will influence people's decisions:

"We've safely cared for your health needs for 28 years, and that provides a level of assurance to those who may feel this is new or even controversial." We can help those researching these new life-changing cures by holding their hands. It's secure. It works well. We send a message just by being present."

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