Marijuana Stocks to Watch: CV Sciences, Cara Therapeutics and Peak Pharma

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We’re checking out some marijuana stocks that sometimes go under the radar… although they really shouldn’t! Ones to consider adding to your portfolio (especially in 2019) are CV Sciences Inc.(OTCQB:CVSI), Cara Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ:CARA), and Peak Pharmaceuticals Inc. (OTC:PKPH).

But why, you ask… read on to find out!

Marijuana Stocks to Watch: CV Sciences Inc. (OTCQB:CVSI)

CV Sciences is a pharmaceutical company specializing in cannabidiol-based medicines. The industry surrounding cannabidiol (CBD) is set to explode further in 2019 considering America has just about legalized hemp farming. The legalization may have a positive knock-on effect for CV Sciences.

But already, CV Sciences is doing something very right. This marijuana stock is up 14.4% YTD, which is a formidable achievement considering how October’s industry-wide downturn knocked so many others off the gains ladder.

The company has also doubled its revenues in the last four years. And the success keeps coming. Top-line sales skyrocketed more than 125% in the most recent quarter.

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This marijuana stock is not just showing potential, it’s already delivering. 

The CVSI marijuana stock is currently selling for $4.77 USD.

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Marijuana Stocks to Watch: Cara Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ:CARA)

Cara Therapeutics Inc is another biotechnology firm that looks set for a bright 2019.

The cannabis market was volatile for marijuana stocks this year; that’s clear. So to come out the other side, with shares down only 2.3% YTD,  is an achievement not to be scoffed at. This is a biotechnology firm that is surprisingly stable; so stable it has zero debt on the balance sheets.

The company is developing exciting drugs involving cannabinoid receptors for pain suppression. Targeting this market, as stated, leaves much to be desired in 2019.

The CARA marijuana stock is currently selling for $13.80 USD.

Marijuana Stocks to Watch: Peak Pharmaceuticals Inc. (OTC:PKPH)

A little left of center, but still potentially very lucrative is cannabis for the pets sector. Peak Pharmaceuticals is right in the heart of this industry with an exclusive license agreement with Canna-Pet LLC.

This is a marijuana stock to keep your eye on, as 41% of pet owners in America (according to a recent State of the American Pet survey) would happily give cannabis products to their pets. While we are still trying to work out human consumption of cannabis in America, the fact is that once we do, the pet-sector will likely take off.

The PKPH marijuana stock is currently selling for $0.10 USD.

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