Entourage Introduces New Services and Products to Its Medical Cannabis Offering

Entourage Introduces New Services and Products to Its Medical Cannabis Offering

Entourage Health Corp. (NASDAQ:ENTG.V), a Canadian marijuana producer and distributor, is looking to expand its Starseed Medical cannabis product and services in collaboration with HelloMD, a top online cannabis telehealth company, to increase patient access to experienced and skilled healthcare practitioners all over Canada. Since joining the Entourage family in late 2019, the company's Starseed patient base has grown by more than 50%, thanks to expanded contacts with unions, businesses, insurers, and benefit providers, increasing patient registrations.

Furthermore, Starseed supplied a digital patient treatment plan as a collection of crucial items available to registered patients who seek individualized products and realistic dosing instructions based on health care practitioner guidance.

The company's professional network of practitioners now focuses on developing customized patient treatment plans and a standardized and simpler dosing tool, all aiming to improve medical cannabis availability and overall patient experience. In addition, Starseed recently collaborated with patients to develop the Starseed 2.0 system, a more accurate method for determining cannabinoid profiles - one star for high CBD, two for balanced, and three for strong THC.

"As a group of professionals providing medical cannabis assistance, we are committed to providing medical routes and patient-centric services through technology, innovation, and education to ensure safe and effective usage," said Sara Ryan, director of medical education at Starseed Medicinal.

The Starseed Blog and Product Guide, which is also open to the cannabis community in quest of more medical cannabis expertise, provide patients and their providers with access to the virtual resource and education platform. Starseed's wide education and support services may connect visitors with health experts and provide best-in-class education tools to keep patients up to date. Cannabis news, research therapy alternatives, and support channels are all available.

Starseed's direct-to-patient medicinal marketplace currently has over 45 goods available, including cannabis-infused soft chews, transdermal patches, oils, vapes, dried flower products, capsules, and balms, as well as a new high-THC cultivar reserve (15g). As an extra comfort to patients in select areas of Ontario, the company recently collaborated with Pineapple Express to provide same-day/next-day delivery.

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