Cannabis and Pain: Can Marijuana Really Manage Pregnancy Pain?

Cannabis ease labor pains

More and more women are coming forward to highlight their positive experiences with CBD and THC during the final stages of pregnancy – more specifically the final hours of an intensive and painful labor. But are the effects of marijuana really potent enough to replace traditional birthing drugs such as Pitocin and/or epidurals? Can cannabis ease labor pains?

It seems like wishful thinking, but according to first-hand accounts from reputable sites such as, and, it seems that these expectant mothers may be onto something. With cannabis legalization on the rise, the subject is becoming less taboo allowing for interesting and profound accounts to emerge from the online woodwork.

Can Cannabis Ease Labor Pains? Can CBD and THC Work?

The two prominent drugs found in cannabis —CBD and THC —when used in conjunction, are purported to ease labor pain and speed up contractions. Methods of self-treatment chosen by these soon-to-be moms include bath bombs, cervical ointments, tinctures, distillate pills and more. Across the US, self-treatment accounts are show-casing positive results.

One such example from highlighted the effect of a cannabis bath bomb (made simply of essential oils, baking soda, Epsom salts, CBD and THC) and a CBD tincture when used in lieu of traditional medications:

“I basically infused cannabis oils with both THC and CBD into olive oil and added vitamin D and E and started to use it during the transition to help reduce tearing and pain. I didn’t feel the ring of fire and [my infant son] was out super fast, with 8 minutes of pushing.”

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Mothers are now opting to use CBD and THC not only to manage pain but to replace the drug Pitocin. But why? Pitocin is a drug used to induce labor by speeding up contractions. A potential risk of the drug is that it can do its job too well – with contractions too immediate causing profound stress on mother and baby which, in turn, leads to an emergency C-Section. 

Can Cannabis Ease Labor Pains? The Accounts Speak for Themselves

“I am considering trying CBD oil for natural labor pain management in my next labor. It has been shown to reduce pain and even has a relaxing effect on oxytocin-induced uterine contractions…If it helps mothers to avoid drugs, including the epidural, then I think it is a wonderful and safe alternative. says Sarah Ruiz, a certified nutrition health coach, and mother of one, with her second on the way.

Ruiz runs the popular health site and vouches for CBD citing that people take hemp seed and hemp seed oil all the time. CBD oil is derived from these. The idea seems to be that epidurals and birthing drugs are more intensive and risky for mother and baby than marijuana and its “doping” properties. If Cannabis can replace the need for these serious drugs used in labor then why wouldn’t the medical industry get on board? hosts a chat group aptly titled ‘Ganja Mamas’ where further positive reports can be read by the bucket-load; “After almost 24 hours of labor and at only 6 cm dilated, I decided to try to get some rest and took 4 of the pills. I woke up soon after in full on transition and it progressed quickly… he was out within two hours.” 

But Why The Secrecy?

A problem arising, however, is that THC is not legal in every state in the US. Further, CBD derived from hemp oil is legal everywhere but CBD derived from cannabis is not. This “blurred-lines” approach to the drug and its properties means that many of these cannabis moms are facing a backlash from government bodies such as CPS – Child Protection Services. A baby can be taken away from a mother for a mandatory 72 hours while the mother is being investigated for THC use.

Add to that, the medical industry still appears to have an old-fashioned “Cannabis is bad” approach to cannabis-use in birth despite there being a lack of supporting evidence to suggest its use in labor has any ill effects on Mother and baby. On the contrary, the internet is showing us a host of mothers celebrating the drug and endorsing its use in labor.

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Can cannabis ease labor pains? Well, many say yes but its a pity that potentially many stories are staying untold for now. But with legalization spreading, hopefully, sooner than later more people will feel secure enough to express their experiences on the matter and importantly, the medical industry might start to sit up and take notes. 

The old adage – “mom knows best” comes to mind here; hundreds of mothers can’t be wrong, can they?

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