Thinking About Cannabis Microdosing? Everything You Need to Know


Cannabis is more accepted today. But that doesn’t mean consumers are not mindful of how it works, and how to use it. There are several different ways to consume cannabis, and not everyone is a fan of edibles or vaping. This is especially the case if they are beginners or worry about having a bad experience. For these individuals, cannabis microdosing is a safe and attractive method to choose.

In a world where cannabis is legal in Canada, and 61% of Americans support legalization, here are the basic facts about cannabis microdosing everyone should know.

Important to Know

Cannabis microdosing has seen a rise in popularity in the last few years, and as more companies offer products containing low amounts of THC, it is a market forecasted to keep rising.

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What is Cannabis Microdosing?

Everyone experiences cannabis differently. And for those reasons, experts recommend this microdosing; this is essentially when an individual takes a small amount of cannabis, seeing the effects various strains have on them. With this method, individuals are consuming cannabis for the sake of experiencing its therapeutic benefits—cannabis helps with chronic pain, depression, and cancer—and not for the high.

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What is the Typical Dose?

Again, like the experience of cannabis, the actual microdose depends on the individual. If you’ve already built up a tolerance, you will have a different microdose than a beginner. For the most part, though, the amount falls between two and five milligrams of THC. When an individual starts cannabis microdosing, experts recommend that they take the same amount every day for about two to three days, observing the effects. Individuals may decide to go higher or lower.

Things to Avoid

Just as it’s said with inhaling cannabis through a joint or vape, you shouldn’t consume alcohol while microdosing cannabis. If you do, keep it do a minimum and wait until you are familiar with how your body responds. It’s easy to forget this, as cannabis microdosing involves a small amount of alcohol, but it’s best not to play around with the two.


Sometimes with cannabis, it’s best to start with low doses; this introduces you slowly to the effects of the drug while building up a tolerance. Cannabis microdosing allows this to happen, being an easy and accessible method perfectly designed for beginners and even long-term smokers looking to leave the high behind.

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