Marijuana Mall: Colorado Opens the World’s First Cannabis Mall

marijuana mall

The world’s first marijuana mall is scheduled to open in Trinidad, Colorado, this April. It’s safe to say that this will also be a historic opening.

It will be, as you might imagine, a mall offering a variety of side-by-side marijuana retailers and outlets.

Marijuana Mall Colorado

The project is the brain-child of cannabis advocates Chris Elkins and Sean Sheridan. Trinidad, Colorado—the location of choice—has been picked for its lenient marijuana laws and increasing tourism numbers. 

According to Elkins: “This town has a zero-foot setback, which allows us to put five dispensaries here right next to one another. As far as we know, we are the only town in Colorado that can do this.”

The building is already bought, ready to be turned into the marijuana mall. The pair has received the necessary city permits. 

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All that remains is the approval from City Council.

Spaces Already Leased

And it seems that business is expected to boom, as four of the five available spaces have already been leased to marijuana-based businesses.

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Once City Council approval is received, doors can open as early as April.

The marijuana mall is receiving support from the locals for the benefits it will bring the community along with the local economy. Most locals are looking forward to the mini-mall, but some are wary about the potential of theft and homelessness that the mall could attract. 

One Trinidad local, Tamara Johnson, put it: “We have had a lot more problems with theft. I know Walmart is having problems. And transients, that’s becoming a huge problem.”

Will the marijuana mall really increase these problems?


In general, marijuana businesses have improved the local economy wherever they have set up shop. Major cities like Las Vegas boast annual revenues of $425 million worth of recreational marijuana. This has accrued nearly $70 million in tax revenue for the state in one year alone. 

It will be interesting to see the development of this marijuana mall; will it spur on imitations, do you think? Is this going to become a trending model for marijuana business?

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